VentureLab@SLU – a new beginning

Charles van de Kerkhof has taken over the management of VentureLab@SLU. His ambition is to pass on his enthusiasm to students for “entrepreneurship and innovation for sustainable life”.

Providing inspiration about the impact potential of your own enterprise on yourself and on our planet is the first step on our student’s entrepreneurial journey. Along this journey we support them through SLU Holding but also building up a student entrepreneurial hub at Green Innovation Park, and with collaborations with actors in the region. Where students can meet and learn from other entrepreneurial students as well as startups in different stages. All with the aim to help them grow their own future!

Charles is originally from the Netherlands, but his working background in the tourism industry, mostly African safaris, gave him the opportunity to spend some years living and working in several African countries. Whilst finishing his first masters at Wageningen University in Leisure, Tourism & Environment he visited Sweden for the first time. A second masters at Lund University in Entrepreneurship & Innovation made him settle in Skåne, where he started working on his start-up concept Fjällgås, a high-end nature tourism organisation encompassing regenerative agriculture, education and nature conservation.

Since 2020 he has deep dived into our world’s issues and how entrepreneurship, agriculture, biodiversity and regeneration can play a role to alleviate these problems. Apart from his enthusiasm and knowledge, Charles will bring into VentureLab@SLU the tourism industry’s people centred hospitality focus and his last four years’ experience and network within Skåne’s entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystem.

Charles van de Kerkhof
Foto: Privat

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