‘Rotad & Jordad’ awarded the Student Entrepreneur of the Year award in Uppsala

SLU students Rana Toprak and Sanaz Kalantari have received Drivhuset’s award for their groundbreaking landscape design for greater ecological resilience and local self-sufficiency.

Student Entrepreneur of the Year is an award that aims to celebrate and draw attention to Uppsala students’ entrepreneurship. This year’s winners are Rana Toprak and Sanaz Kalantari, who are students on the Landscape Architecture programme at SLU.

Their idea, Rotad & Jordad, which means rooted and grounded, strives to create a culture that interacts with nature and ecosystems to tackle today’s food and climate challenges. Rana and Sanaz plan to achieve this through groundbreaking landscape design and inspiration, in order to strengthen ecological resilience and increase local self-sufficiency and drive. They intend to use their prize money to further invest in the company and have plans to found a limited company to take their entrepreneurial journey to the next stage.

Read more about ‘Rotad & Jordad’ on their website (in Swedish).

Rana Toprak och Sanaz Kalantari.
Foto: Ⓒ Rotad & jordad

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