Together with SLU, we create innovations for a sustainable world


For researchers

As a researcher at a Swedish university, you have a unique opportunity to play a part in your research findings benefitting society.

Bringing an idea further in an innovation process is an exciting journey, where no two journeys are the same.

We utilise our expertise, tools and networks to analyse and challenge and add value to your idea so that it is refined and ready for use.

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Are you a student?

Do you have an exciting idea and would you like to boost your CV with an stimulating job alongside your studies? Perhaps you are interested in and want to know more about innovations and entrepreneurship.

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Our services

There are many ways to utilise, identify and use knowledge assets from SLU. Learn from others and find which way that may work best for you.


We offer support at different stage, from idea generation to development of concepts, services and products that are used in society.


Investments and grants

SLU Holding offers different types of funding to help ideas grow and to help establish companies.


About SLU Holding

Our role is to contribute to knowledge and research findings from SLU being used in and benefitting society.

Together with researchers, staff and students at SLU, we take on the responsibility for creating sustainable solutions.

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Spot your idea!

How can your research benefit society?

Why not start with a simple self-test and get tips on what to do next?


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Contact us

How can we help you? Contact us via the contact form – or get in touch with one of our employees directly.

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