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There are great opportunities to play a part in how knowledge assets such as research findings benefit society.
How will your research best be put to use?
Read about researchers who do more than just publish their results, and learn more about how SLU wants to support innovation impact.

SLU produces world-class research

There are many ways in which research contributes to new knowledge and greater understanding. Read more about researchers at SLU who have translated their research into practical benefit.

Various solutions for sustainable food production

Annie Drottberger is an enterprising doctoral student and teacher who is extremely passionate about utilizing research. At the Department of Biosystems and Technology at SLU (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences) in Alnarp she is researching into how businesses in the horticultural industry specialising in vegetable growing absorb knowledge and innovations. In the long term it is about working together on various solutions in order to attain sustainable food production.

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Lena Lidfors. Foto Vanja Sandgren/SLU

Social service dog activities increases the quality of life

Lena Lidfors is Professor of Ethology at the Department of Animal Environment and Health, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) in Skara. In recent years, her interest has also turned to the interaction between animals and humans, resulting in a report on social service dogs in schools, health and social care.

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Jonas Bohlin. Foto: Jonas Bohlin

Award winning idea keeps track of saplings

Researcher and entrepreneur Jonas Bohlin likes honing his own ideas and trying them out in various exciting projects. With the innovation TreePlanterXY he combines new technology with old methods, to meet the demand for information in the field of forestry.

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SLU vill främja innovationsskapande

Teacher’s exception

Researchers and academic teachers at SLU own the rights to their own research findings.

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Sideline projects?

SLU has simple and generous rules for secondary employment. The basic rule is that they are allowed.

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SLU’s Intellectual Property Policy

SLU wants to encourage commercialisation, development and innovation.

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As a researcher at a Swedish university, you have an unique opportunity to further develop your research results to benefit society. Entering an innovation process is an exciting journey, where no two journeys are the same. With our complementary competences and networks, we help you to utilize your research results.

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An innovation process involves many parts. All of which require focus and expertise to turn an innovation into reality.
SLU Holding’s validation funds allow you to apply for funding to further develop your idea, assisted by external expertise.

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