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SLU is a world-class international university with research, education and environmental assessment within the sciences for sustainable life. SLU bring together people who have different perspectives, but they all have one and the same goal: to create the best conditions for a sustainable, thriving and better world.

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The silent pandemic

The consumption of antibiotics in the world is increasing, and bacteria are becoming ever more resistant to this vital medical tool.

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Plant protein factory

The plant protein factory’s goal is to become a raw material supplier of plant proteins.

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The most dangerous animal to humans

Mosquitoes cause by far the most human deaths because of the serious diseases they spread.

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Working for safe drinking water

SLU is a university with broad competence. By combining expertise from different areas, even better solutions can be found.

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2030 the Climate game

2030 the Climate game (Klimatspelet) is a scientifically based game prototype that takes a common approach to current issues related to food, environment and climate.

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Conniflex – the journey towards insecticide-free forestry

Göran Nordlander and Henrik Nordenhem are behind the research idea that later became Conniflex – environmentally friendly protection against damage caused by insects.

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Biogaia – the innovation that is the stomach’s best friend

BioGaia is one of the most successful innovations originating from SLU.

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