SLU Alnarps and Sparbanken Skåne Innovation Award

The green industry is facing one of its biggest challenges yet and we believe the solution is here. Do you work at SLU Alnarp and have an idea for a new product, service or method that can contribute to a more sustainable industry? Apply for the next Innovation Award in 2024.

Congratulations to Johanna Larsson and Nina Safavi – winners of the 2023 prize.

About the innovation award

In association with Sparbanken Skåne, SLU Alnarp this year awards ideas that carries the potential to change the green industry. The awards, worth a total of SEK 200,000 (one of 100,000 and two “growth awards” of 50,000) are personal and awarded with the goal of contributing to an innovation-promoting culture and enable more of the university’s overall knowledge to be utilized in groundbreaking innovations for both the industry and our society.

Who can apply?

Students, researchers or employees of SLU Alnarp are welcome to participate, regardless of discipline. Innovations can be product-related as well as service-oriented but may not have reached commercial phase. The assessment criteria that we will base our decision are as follows:

  • Height of innovation (how pioneering is the idea and how does the innovative height compare to alternative solutions?)
  • Newsworthiness
  • Commercial potential or social benefit
  • Implementation potential (what potential there is to move the idea forward to implementation in society / industry)

If you are more than one person behind the idea, at least one of you must be a student or researcher at SLU Alnarp. If others have been involved in the advent of innovation or have worked on developing it, you need to reconcile with these before applying. Our recommendation is that if there are questions regarding who should apply, please apply together as the prize is then shared between the applicants.

Read more under competition terms and conditions.

Important dates

The 2023 submission of application is closed.

Why an Innovation Award?

The green industry is facing one of it’s largest challenges yet. A large part of our carbon dioxide emission can be traced back to the various stages of food production and the industry needs to evolve and change – now. By being active in the issues at hand, the Swedish Agricultural University (SLU) has a key role in the solving the problem, continuously presenting new findings from research in all areas of environmental sciences.

However, as a complement to these findings, there is a need to push them even further. To implement and develop them into new businesses, to make the ideas into reality. Time is up and we are facing a new world where innovation and entrepreneurship will, inevitably, be needed to change our industry. We believe that the entrepreneurial drive of our researchers, employees and students is key to solving the problems that our industry (and planet) is facing today. And in order to meet these new challenges we need to push for new approaches, present fresh ideas and award ambition.


All applications for SLU Alnarp’s Innovation Award are treated as confidential and the innovation will remain as the applicants property even after the competition has been completed. Privacy Policy


Nicholas Jakobsson, Senior Innovation & Business Advisor
073-370 3550


Läs om tidigare vinnare av innovationsprisen

Prisad metod använder växter för att extrahera och och stabilisera föroreningar i miljön.

Johanna Larsson och Nina Safavi, studenter på Mastersprogrammet i Landskapsarkitektur vid Institutionen för Landskapsarkitektur är 2023 års vinnare av Alnarps innovationspris.

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Jonas Bohlin. Foto: Jonas Bohlin
Innovativ idé håller koll på planterade plantors position

Forskaren och entreprenören Jonas Bohlin gillar att fila på egna idéer och testa dem genom olika spännande projekt. Med sin innovation TreePlanterXY, kombinerar han ny teknik med gamla metoder för att möta efterfrågan på information inom skogsbruket.

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Intelligent stängselsystem för nötdjur vann innovationspris

FarmGuard, ett system som underlättar för lantbrukare att inspektera och underhålla stängsel för nötdjur är det vinnande bidraget i SLU Skara och Sparbanken Skaraborgs innovationspris 2023.

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