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Advancing Early Detection and Treatment of Equine Arthritis – SLU Holding invest in SGPTH Life Science AB and Artroa AB

SLU Holding, in collaboration with Uppsala University Invest, is proud to announce their investment in SGPTH Life Science AB and Artroa AB. This strategic partnership aims to revolutionize the detection and treatment of arthritis in horses, a condition that causes lameness and severe pain.

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Development of new cancer therapy provides hope for patients with life-threatening tumors - SLU Holding invests in MyCural Therapeutics

MyCural Therapeutic AB, a recently established life science company, is dedicated to developing new cancer therapies for patients with high-risk tumors. After twenty years of cancer research, the researchers has identified potential drug candidates that target the MYC protein, which is often dysregulated in tumor cells.

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Better eco-value assessments – SLU Holding invests in Greensway Digital

Greensway Digital has extensive experience of environmental and nature-conservation issues within the forestry industry. A big need has been observed within private companies for measurement and follow-up of eco-values. There may also be a need to quantify measures taken in the field of biodiversity.

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Fossilfri produktion av konstgödsel – nu investerar SLU Holding i NitroCapt

NitroCapt AB, a Swedish company specializing in sustainable agricultural solutions, is ramping up the development of a groundbreaking chemical process that could revolutionize the production of nitrogen-based fertilizers.

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A new analysis technique for detecting health and environmentally-hazardous impurities in water - SLU Holding invests in BioCell Analytica

New innovative analysis methods from the Swedish University of Agriculture have the capacity to measure the effects of both known and unknown substances harmful to the environment and health, as well as cocktail effects. The methods thus make it possible to detect effects of hitherto unknown chemical pollution in the environment. SLU Holding AB has followed the work from the start and is now investing in the company BioCell Analytica Uppsala AB, which aims to take the method to a wider market.

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Hope for lame horses - SLU Holding invests in Sleip AI

With a new digital measurement tool, new opportunities are now available to detect lameness in horses earlier and to implement the right measures more quickly. SLU Holding AB invests in Sleip AI AB and the company’s work to develop new digital solutions for better animal health.

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