A new analysis technique for detecting health and environmentally-hazardous impurities in water – SLU Holding invests in BioCell Analytica

New innovative analysis methods from the Swedish University of Agriculture have the capacity to measure the effects of both known and unknown substances harmful to the environment and health, as well as cocktail effects. The methods thus make it possible to detect effects of hitherto unknown chemical pollution in the environment. SLU Holding AB has followed the work from the start and is now investing in the company BioCell Analytica Uppsala AB, which aims to take the method to a wider market.

People and the environment are constantly exposed to a large number of chemical substances, be they natural substances or synthetic chemicals. A certain number of these chemicals are toxic and can have harmful effects either on people’s health or ecosystems.

A new way of measuring chemical hazards

What BioCell Analytica offers is a whole new means of assessing chemical hazards in water. Their technique makes it possible to measure the effects of all substances in one test instead of having to individually measure the concentration of a few individual substances at a time.

“With the help of the analyses that BioCell Analytica offers there is huge potential for water treatment plants, for example, to put the right provisions in place to improve drinking water quality. We are pleased to be able to support and invest in a company that contributes to increased food safety and that has huge growth potential”, states Henrik Landgren, who is a business developer at SLU Holding.

Research from SLU with commercial potential

BioCell Analytica was founded in 2019 by two SLU researchers – senior lecturer Johan Lundqvist and Agneta Oskarsson – whose research underpins the company’s operations. The company’s customers operate mainly within the water industry, in areas such as wastewater treatment and water purification. The methods can also be used for analysis of soil and sediment.

“As researchers we are used to investigating the unknown, doing things that no one has done before. Finding ways to solve problems by identifying practical applications for existing academic findings is something that spurs us on. Seeing how our methods have a practical value and how they can help in our efforts to solve the problems we face is extremely rewarding,” explain the researchers and company founders Johan Lundqvist and Agneta Oskarsson.


For more information
Henrik Landgren, business developer at SLU Holding SLU Holding AB
Johan Lundqvist, founder of BioCell Analytica Uppsala AB
Agneta Oskarsson, founder of BioCell Analytica Uppsala AB

Biocell Analytica – https://biocellanalytica.se/

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