Fossile free nitrogen-based fertilizers – SLU Holding invests in NitroCapt

NitroCapt AB, a Swedish company specializing in sustainable agricultural solutions, is ramping up the development of a groundbreaking chemical process that could revolutionize the production of nitrogen-based fertilizers. With nitrogen fertilizer production accounting for approximately 2.5% of the world’s fossil fuel emissions, finding a cost-effective and emission-free alternative has been a long-standing challenge. However, NitroCapt’s innovative technology, which only requires water and renewable electricity, has the potential to set a new standard for large-scale fossil-free fertilizer production.

The production of synthetic fertilizers plays a crucial role in ensuring global food security, making the transition to a fossil-free agriculture industry a significant challenge. Until now, no one has successfully developed a cost-effective emission-free process that can compete with conventional production methods. However, NitroCapt’s pioneering solution may hold the key to overcoming this obstacle. The company is now focused on developing and constructing a functional pilot process, which will then be optimized for maximum efficiency.

“We are incredibly excited and grateful to have the support of visionary investors in tackling this global challenge for agriculture and the climate. Thanks to their backing, we can now begin recruiting a team of highly skilled engineers and take the first steps towards commercializing our process,” said Gustaf Forsberg, Founder and CEO of NitroCapt AB.

The company’s recent capital raise of €1 million far exceeded expectations, resulting in a total investment of SEK 18 million. Additionally, NitroCapt has been granted an additional SEK 10 million in funding, bringing the total investment over the next two years to approximately SEK 30 million. Among the investors are LRF Ventures, ALMI Invest Greentech, InnoEnergy, Graphmatech-founder Björn Lindh, and SLU Holding.

Henrik Landgren, Business Advisor at SLU Holding, commented, “NitroCapt’s technology has the potential to drive a significant transformation in fertilizer production and aligns perfectly with our mission to support and invest in sustainable innovations. The company’s presence at Green Innovation Park in Ultuna will undoubtedly make them a valuable resource, inspiring other businesses to develop innovations for the global market.”

Founded in 2016 by Gustaf Forsberg and Peter Baeling, NitroCapt AB is part of InnoEnergy’s Highway program, which has provided financial support for the company’s activities thus far. Gustaf Forsberg, a Ph.D. graduate from SLU, has previously played a key role in the development of ThermoSeed technology for chemical-free seed treatment. Peter Baeling, a chemical engineer, has notably developed the world’s largest sterile continuous fermentor.

For more information about NitroCapt AB and its groundbreaking technology, please visit [website].

For more information:

Gustaf Forsberg, vd NitroCapt, 070 – 347 96 67, gustaf.forsberg @
Björn Lindh, pressansvarig NitroCapt, 070 – 9 9 79 79, bjorn.lindh @
Henrik Landgren, affärsrådgivare SLU Holding, 072 559 16 65,

SLU Holding investerar i NitroCapt

SLU Holding investerar i NitroCapt.

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