Hope for lame horses – SLU Holding invests in Sleip AI

With a new digital measurement tool, new opportunities are now available to detect lameness in horses earlier and to implement the right measures more quickly. SLU Holding AB invests in Sleip AI AB and the company’s work to develop new digital solutions for better animal health.

Lameness is a major problem that in addition to considerable pain for the animal means concern and huge costs for the animal owner. Sleip AI’s work is based on research from SLU’s world-leading research group in orthopaedics and biomechanics. With the new digital measuring tool, horse owners can film their horses themselves in order to be able to early detect and measure lameness. The digital measurement tool is also available in a version aimed at specialised veterinarians working in the field.

– It’s fantastic to be able to make the technology accessible and offer an evidence-based tool and advanced measurement methods at low cost. Our driving force is a big and strong interest in animals, especially horses. To see the great potential of our research makes it impossible not to take it further and commercialise it, say the two researchers who lead the research group at SLU, Marie Rhodin, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Anatomy, Physiology and Biochemistry (AFB) and Elin Hernlund, researcher and Clinical Veterinarian at the University Hospital Equine Clinic.

Henrik Landgren, Senior Innovation & Business Advisor at SLU Holding, sees great potential in Sleip AI and the digital tools the company is developing.

– Animal health is an area of strong growth and the use of digital solutions is increasing rapidly. The driving force behind Sleip AI is a team with all the prerequisites for success, complementing each other with expertise in veterinary medicine, movement patterns and computer vision/AI, says Henrik Landgren, SLU Holding.


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Henrik Landgren, Senior Innovation & Business Advisor, SLU Holding
+46 72 559 16 65

Elin Hernlund, researcher and Clinical Veterinarian at the University Hospital Equine Clinic
+46 18 67 21 42

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