Development of new cancer therapy provides hope for patients with life-threatening tumors – SLU Holding invests in MyCural Therapeutics

MyCural Therapeutic AB, a recently established life science company, is dedicated to developing new cancer therapies for patients with high-risk tumors. After twenty years of cancer research, the researchers has identified potential drug candidates that target the MYC protein, which is often dysregulated in tumor cells.

“We are focused on developing small molecules that can be used as medications for cancer patients, either in tablet form or as intravenous fluids. Currently, there are no drugs available to target the MYC protein, which drives many tumors. Our goal is to create a therapy that inhibits this protein,” says Dr. Alina Castell, CEO of MyCural Therapeutics AB.

What sets MyCural apart is their innovative approach to targeting the MYC protein. Despite the challenges posed by the protein’s disorderly nature, the company has developed new methods to identify inhibitors. Dr. Alina Castell adds, “No one has succeeded in this endeavor before, even though it is highly desirable to develop such a therapy. We are at the forefront of developing these methods to identify MYC inhibitors.”

SLU Holding AB is one of the companies that has chosen to invest in MyCural Therapeutics AB. Henrik Landgren, Business Advisor at SLU Holding AB, explained their decision, stating, “SLU Holding invests in young companies with significant growth potential that also have a positive impact on society. MyCural is developing drug candidates that could have a crucial role in treating patients with life-threatening tumors.”

About MyCural Therapeutics AB:

MyCural is a life science company founded in September 2022 by Professor Lars-Gunnar Larsson and Dr. Alina Castell at Karolinska Institute, along with Professor Maria Sunnerhagen at Linköping University. For more information, visit


About SLU Holding AB:

SLU Holding’s mission is to ensure that knowledge from SLU (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences) benefits society by supporting innovators and investing in young companies. The company makes approximately five new investments per year and an equal number of follow-up investments in existing holdings. Since its inception, SLU Holding has invested in 55 companies and currently holds minority stakes in 25.

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