Advancing Early Detection and Treatment of Equine Arthritis – SLU Holding invest in SGPTH Life Science AB and Artroa AB

SLU Holding, in collaboration with Uppsala University Invest, is proud to announce their investment in SGPTH Life Science AB and Artroa AB. This strategic partnership aims to revolutionize the detection and treatment of arthritis in horses, a condition that causes lameness and severe pain.

Arthritis is a debilitating disease that affects both animals and humans. However, horses are particularly susceptible to developing the condition at a young age due to their early training and competition. The repeated treatments and lengthy rehabilitation processes associated with arthritis result in significant financial burdens for horse owners.

To address this issue, a groundbreaking test and a new medication have been developed by Stina Ekman and Eva Skiöldebrand at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), in collaboration with Elisabeth Hansson and Anders Lindahl at the University of Gothenburg. These innovative solutions offer early detection and effective management of arthritis in horses.

“The majority of competition horses suffer from arthritis, and in order to meet the demands for sustainable and pain-free horses in the future, we need an objective and rapid diagnostic tool. Additionally, a curative medication is required to prevent chronic pain in horses that develop arthritis,” explains Eva Skiöldebrand, Professor at SLU.

The researchers have successfully developed both the diagnostic test and the medication. Unlike current methods that rely on detecting pain symptoms, this unique test can identify arthritis inflammation before the horse exhibits clinical signs. By measuring biomarkers in the horse’s blood, joint fluid, or saliva, an early diagnosis can be made, enabling prompt treatment and disease management.

Clinical trials of the medication have yielded highly promising results, providing hope for a breakthrough in arthritis treatment.

SGPTH Life Science AB holds the patents for the biomarkers, while Artroa AB holds the patent for the medication. SLU Holding’s investment signifies their recognition of the immense potential in both companies. Henrik Landgren, Business Developer at SLU Holding, emphasizes the importance of these solutions for the entire equine industry, stating, “We see great potential in both SGPTH Life Science AB and Artroa AB. These companies are backed by leading research and will deliver solutions that are crucial for the horse industry as a whole.”

With this strategic investment, SLU Holding and Uppsala University Invest are committed to supporting the development and commercialization of these groundbreaking innovations, ultimately improving the welfare and well-being of horses worldwide.

For more information

Eva Skiöldebrand, professor vid Sveriges Lantbruksuniversitet
070-632 21 35

Henrik Landgren, affärsutvecklare SLU Holding
072-559 16 65




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