Innovation support

Every year we start 100 new innovation projects together with researchers and students at SLU.

How do we work together?

Do you have an idea or research finding that you think could be of wider use? Our innovation advisors will help you take the next development step.

As a researcher at a Swedish university you benefit from Teachers exemption (Lärarundantaget) – academic staff’s intellectual property rights, and thus have a unique opportunity to further develop your research results for the benefit of society.

Taking an idea further in an innovation process is an exciting journey, and no two such journeys are the same. Thanks to the additional competence we have in our team and network, we can investigate and challenge your idea so that it is developed further, so as to be ready to become a service, product or process.

SLU Holding’s advisors are experts in developing innovations. We offer support at every stage, from idea generation and research applications through to developing concepts, services and products that are put into use in society.

Our advice is free of charge for students, researchers and other employees at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. Naturally, all discussions and advice are given full confidentiality. (It goes without saying that all our advice is of course confidential.)


 Let´s take your idea further together

Developing innovations is an iteriative process. Below we try to describe our working progress as linear as possible.

  1. First meeting – we will analyze your idea together. What is your driving force, what do you want to do with your idea and what do we need to add to make it succeed?
  2. In the next phase, we concretize which steps need to be taken in order for the idea to be put to use.
  3. An Innovation project is created.
  4. Together we set up milestones for how the project will develop.
  5. Ongoing collaboration to reach milestones and make your idea useful.

In order to come up with a suitable strategy to make your idea useful, we attach great importance to your interest and your driving forces.

During the project we will discuss:

  • User/customer needs, market and competitors
  • How to protect your idea, for example via patent or trademark
  • Verification of production method
  • Analysis of regulatory and legal requirements
  • Technical verification
  • Business model
  • Team

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