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Are you interested in innovations and sustainability, are you thinking of starting your own business or are you looking for a stimulating job alongside your studies? Whatever the case, you’ve come to the right place. SLU Holding offers support to everyone at SLU who wants to develop their ideas so that they benefit others.

Read more about our services, events and opportunities to work as a student desktop researcher or student employee.

Student desktop researchers and student employees

SLU Holding offers the opportunity to gain advanced work experience while still a student. Do you want to use your knowledge before you graduate, while also strengthening your CV and building your own network?

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Are you studying in Alnarp? VentureLab@SLU has been set up to help student innovations and entrepreneurship flourish and spread. Keep an eye out for our events!

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Entrepreneurship and start-up competitions

Are you interested in testing your own business idea? We’ve partnered with Drivhuset and Venture Cup to provide SLU’s students with entrepreneurship support.

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How can we help you? Contact us via the contact form – or get in touch with one of our advisors directly.


VentureLab@SLU satsar på SLU:s innovativa studenter

Charles van de Kerkhof är verksamhetsledare för VentureLab@SLU. Som entreprenör och tidigare SLU-student vill han inspirera studenter att och våga satsa på sina idéer.

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Studenter vinner SLU Alnarp och Sparbanken Skånes Innovationspris 2023

Grattis Johanna Larsson och Nina Safavi som prisas för sin metod där växter används för att extrahera och stabilisera föroreningar i miljön.

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"Rotad & Jordad" tilldelas priset Årets Studententreprenör i Uppsala

SLU-studenterna Rana Toprak och Sanaz Kalantari får Drivhusets pris för sin banbrytande landskapsdesign för ökad ekologisk motståndskraft och lokal självförsörjning.

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