Networking breakfast and Short talk in Uppsala

Are you curious about knowledge and members in Green Innovation Park Uppsala?
Come join us at our networking breakfast!

Short talk
*In English*
AI for small companies & support functions through the regional export network
Meet Linus Andersson, Advisor at Almi with more than 15 years of experience in international business development.

Almi works with companies at various stages of development, from startups crafting their initial solutions to established business expanding their global footprint. Linus Andersson’s focus is on companies that want to grow and compete internationally, and he firmly believes AI will be an important driver for efficiency, and hence it is crucial for companies of all sizes to evaluate how using AI, or deciding not to use AI, will affect their competitiveness. AI also has the potential to contribute far beyond efficiency, it can also be used as a tool in innovation processes and to enable new solutions and changed business models. Given the significant impact AI can have on businesses, it is imperative for everyone involved in company growth and development to stay informed on the development in the field to evaluate if, when, where, and how AI can add value in their business.

Linus will also give an update on what to expect from Uppsala International Business Week 23-26 January 2024. Read more about Uppsala International Business Week here.


When: January 12, at 08.30
Where: Green Innovation Park Uppsala




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